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Acquisition of Chinese household electrical appliances can be successful, increase muscle?

In 2016, Chinese appliance industry frequent sea acquisitions, not only the use of a large amount of money, but also acquired the brand with a great reputation, GE electric kitchen, Toshiba white, SHARP,andHaier before the acquisition of SANYO appliance business, fisherand, most were the first loud. In the MampA eshouchenqing for everyone, we must be very dynamic thinking still, considering that EuropeandJapanandSouth Korea companies may not be "bad", Chinese appliance enterprises is not strong.
Weak profit is difficult to drive their own brands abroad market
If the manufacturing volume of speaking, the absolute position of China appliances can not shake, we assume that 80% of the world's home appliance manufacturing business, including its own brandandOEM OEM production. But the specific profit distribution is not satisfactory.
From 1990s, Chinese appliance enterprises raised "price butcher's knife", home appliance manufacturers "price war" knife with blood, rapidly gaining market share at the same time, the profit is also strongly pressure. In the TV industry, for example, from CRT to now TV LCD power market mainstream, the whole industry profit is always hovering 3%. According to IHS Displaysearch research shows that a global point of view, color TV enterprises net interest rate is the highest in Hisense, rely on the good market strategyandsupply chain cost control, the net interest rate can reach about 7%, followed by SKYWORTH net profit margin of about 5%~6%, though Samsung the world's largest, but the net interest rate is only the concept of 2%~3%. is a table 3000 yuan TV, its highest net profit of only 200 yuan, the minimum is only 90 yuan. The white power industry profit is slightly higher, but the overall industry profits of not more than 9%.
With major appliances profit was thin is in stark contrast to the bulk raw material prices continued to rise. In recent times, this trend is particularly evident,andnow the kitchen industry has taken the lead in the price, but when I asked whether the air conditioning will also in prices this year, AUX's head of a bit angrily: "the price! We want to go up ah, but others do not rise up, you do not own is delivered out of the original market share! Before an air conditioner four thousandorfive thousand yuan, it is 35 months of wages; now the price rose slowly, an air conditioner is how much money?!"
"Do not do the accessories, profits thin, high added value is one of the major pain points Chinese home appliance industry in the face of the priority among priorities is the current home appliance industry supply side reform; the other is the pain point Chinese appliance international brand acceptance is relatively low.
Europeandthe United StatesandSouth Korea, some companies, although the frequent withdrawal of the appliance industry, but its brand in the international market is still a strong appeal
In recent years, the consumer downturn superimposed market overdraft, home appliances in domestic demand condition, Chinese appliance enterprises eager to find a breakthrough in the international market. The independent brand to overseas factories, OEM products for export, is the main path we tried before, but the practice proves that these three methods can move the market is limited, most of the time still is to comply with the principle of small profits, especially for consumption ability, but the brand system of mature countriesandregions, the independent brand to expand overseas is not smooth, which spawned overseas mergersandacquisitions of these fourth paths.
Industry observers pointed out: "the independent brand to expand overseas road is not smooth China is one of the household electrical appliance enterprises spend the acquisition of foreign brands force. Many brands in EuropeandAmerica, the Japanese market for many years, with the industry awareness, but the brand acceptance is still not high. Through acquisitions, Chinese appliance enterprises intended to open up these markets"
China's industrial transfer to disk man's new path Nuggets
The skeptics China for enterprises to offer Japan, the United Statesandother home appliances business cautious outlook, its main view is that the home appliance industry profits, for the former parent company are now stripped contribution value is not high the sunset industry. In the future, China "Jiepan man" who can revitalize these assets, which make it glow with vitality, there are variables.
Sharp point of view, but there is no lack of relevance
The former general electric CEO, enterprise strategic management management guru Jack Welch, a classic statement: "those who really have insight into the industry's futureandjoin them, persist in every industry to enter to do one of the best position - whether in the fine dry, efficient,andcost control, business globalization are one of the best,orin a way ahead edge technology." encounter "stripped" may belong to the general electric appliance business, "no real future of the industry, may also belong to the foresight in future may not keep the best position in the industry.
Through the observation of these peeling appliance industry enterprises, we find that most of them are related to the field of comprehensive "generalists" -- transportation, communications, medical, health, construction, energy, aerospace, heavy, large comparison automation solutions, with its overall business, light industrial appliance is not really big profits but. To focus on home appliance industry,andthe late start of the China enterprise, the business department of the "reserves" can be further tapped.
First of all, is the core technology of Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises are most eager
The core technology is the weakness of Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises in the processandthe pain of cutting one's body.2013, contact the SHARP, Hon Hai in invested huge funds, SHARP core technology for the panel still does not let go, Terry Gou. The brood on core technology for the home appliance,orthat for the inheritanceanddevelopment of the core technology is thirty years of pain Chinese household appliances industry. Because of the late start, the catch-up effect Chinese home appliance industry highlighted in the combination process,andthe key parts of the lack of core technology, so that we can not get rid of "factories" exist. In the core technology breakthrough, Dong Mingzhu dedication is particularly valuable.
In 2016, United States use Toshiba white part of the acquisition of approximately $693 million of funds, in addition to the authorized Toshiba brand in the world for 40 yearsandToshiba in Japan, Southeast Asia market, channelsandproduction base, there is a very important part is to get a Toshiba owned 5000 patents authorizedandits R & D team in the home appliance observers Liu Buchen's eyes, the patent value is far higher than other parts. In another acquisition, beauty for the core technology of the KUKA robot enterprises care more carefully, to achieve "true" remarkable sincerity.
Haier launched a quiet operation smoothly, washing machine drying can be at the top of the coin recently erected, solve the startup of the refrigerator "om", named by the prime minister praised the behind fisherand compressor technology contributed.
Mining people long, short, the U.S. group chairmanandPresident Fang Hongbo said: "we are a big manufacturing country, but they are in the low-end value chain, we used to talk about the smile curve, one end is in fact, one end is the brand, today Chinese enterprises still back to these two basic rules to avoid. Development in technologyandbrand. Technological innovation depends on the core brand." by different countries in the world industrial transfer opportunities, funds used for household electrical appliance enterprises Chinese technology "grafting", but in the future, how the basic technology in the core technology, interdisciplinary technology foundation, the new generation of disruptive innovation, is China appliance the enterpriseanda "bank".
Around 2000, China enterprises had several sea Tunxiang, including Lenovo's acquisition of IBM computer business, TCL mergers Thomson appliance business, but the final result is not satisfactory. Now, 17 years later, Chinese enterprises have accumulated a lot of experience at sea, brought together a large number of professional talents, acquisition strategyandmeans more skilled. Superposition of foreign industrial shift double positive domestic supply side reforms, we look forward to Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises can truly from the "big" change "strong", grow their own brand "muscle".