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Sakura rushed to the hot market to play tricks on product development

In recent years, the water heater industry showing a strong momentum of development, is a dazzling color. The field of home appliances water heater market tempting cake, "coveted" large kitchen brand Sakura (China) Limited by Share Ltd planning department director Zhang Yongzheng accept China appliance network reporter said, in the face of burning hot market steady trend for the better Sakura, the future will focus on the layout of the hot market,andwill be in the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai, southwest, East China region as the main layout, development for water heater products in different regions.
Water heater industry longandshort factors coexist products, channels, marketing force
Orville yunwang released data show that in 2016 China's water heater industry market retail sales reached 74 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 13.5%, much higher than the overall household appliance market growth level. Industry insiders believe that the water heater industry showed a rising trend, in 2017 will continue to show strong growth potential of the market is expected in 2017. According to the PRC, hot water is the volume of retail sales, retail sales will reach 40 million 400 thousandand65 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 5%and7.2%.
In 2017, the water heater market will maintain a steady development trend, Zhang Yongzheng believes that this is closely related to the country's policiesandother aspects of energy
"Especially the gas water heater market, benefit from the west to east gas pipeline, gas replacement project implementation, accelerate the construction of a nationwide gas pipeline networkandthe development of urbanization, China's hot market will continue to rise, entered a period of rapid growth"
However, since the second half of last year, the bulk materials especially the main raw materials of copper prices continued to rise, the burning heat manufacturers cost pressure increase. But in Zhang Yongzheng's view, its impact is local. "The price of raw materials is the upsanddowns, so there is no need to cause too much panic"
In addition to fluctuations in raw material prices, the real estate industry changes in the growth rate of the water heater also has a decisive influence. The second half of last year to this year, the government has tightened up on the overall real estate market policy. But according to Ovid yunwang forecasts, the real estate market in 2017 despite the temperature drop, but does not appear cliff downwards, the overall is still will stabilize,andwill be a strong support for the hot market.
Zhang Yongzheng also said: "the real estate regulationandrising prices of raw materials do not form a larger negative to the water heater market, even if there should be local adjustment. The environment is concerned, I am very optimistic about (the development of water heater market)"
Water heater industry ushered in the golden period of development, followed by industry competition is gradually warming, all companies are around the product, channels, marketing continued to force the industry to enter the stage of comprehensive strength competition
In Zhang Yongzheng's opinion, whether the enterprises in the product, marketing channel, how to force consumers value most is the quality of the products. The future, Sakura will also focus on force in product quality. But at the same time, Zhang Yongzheng also said, "one leg" is a taboo in different businesses, at the same time, will also strengthen the Sakura the channelsandmarketing aspects of the action, to form three encirclement.
In the channel, Zhang Yongzheng said, although the brand a few years ago in the electricity supplier channels in succession on the layout, but overall the water heater industry online layout is still in the initial stage, the future, to strengthen the online distributionandonlineandoffline depth is the integration of Sakuraandindustry need to strengthen the place.
In the face of the gas water heater market in threeorfour is expected to usher in a period of rapid development of the market situation, Zhang Yongzheng said, in addition to follow up the existing channels, Sakura will also carry out the channel sink, mining the threeorfour line of the city's development potential.
In marketing, Sakura has been adhering to the "three permanent" to provide servicesandother services. Users hope that through experience Sakura products, marketing channels, multi force, can make the water heater industry Sakura accounted for a greater share of the market,andthus seize the commanding heights of industry.
Focus on the researchanddevelopment of regional water heater products in the heat market
The water heater industry, electric water heater has suffered a "ceiling", began showing a weak growth situation, but the volume is still large. The heat pump water heater is a latecomer, but considerable growth potential. According to the published data, in 2016, the total sales volume of China heat pump water heater product close to 7 billion, in 2015 year-on-year growth of 10.3%. with the gas water heater into the fast lane, the gas water heater electric water heater to catch up with the momentum.
When it comes to the cherry on the water heater product layout, Zhang Yongzheng said, in the face of the scope of favorable policiesandmoreandmore widely in the gas water heater, "Sakura was the main focus in the field of gas water heater,andto strengthen its researchanddevelopment efforts. As for the heat pump water heater, we still do evaluation, yet the force.
Analysis of industry observers believe that the future, water heater products should be based on the regional environment, consumer demand, the characteristics of scenes such as the upgrading of product innovationandservice. According to Zhang Yongzheng said, Sakura will to Jiangsu, southwest, Eastandother places as the main distribution area,anddevelopment of regional water heater products, to meet the market the needs of different areas.
Talking about the development of the water heater, the future of Zhang Yongzheng said that the water heater products conform to the trend of energy savingandenvironmental protection,andthose for real estate structureandthe pressure of different developed water heater products will be the future direction of development of the industry.
With the development of the water heater industry mature, its market share will accelerate the concentration to a few big brands. According to Ovid yunwang (AVC) full channel monitoring data show that in 2014 -2016 years, the number of electric water heaters, gas water heater brands were reduced by 5%, 4%, a large number of small brands, copycat brands have been eliminated, multi brand the coexistence of the dying, a few leading brandsandeven monopoly market will represent the general trend.
Therefore, some people think that the water heater industry will usher in a reshuffle. But Zhang Yongzheng has a different view: "the water heater industry not usher in a reshuffle, it just put some substandard products off the water heater out from the market. Of course, can not be denied, the brand of the industry will be moreandmore in the trend obviously. This situation, only those who pay attention to product qualityandcore technology researchanddevelopment of leading brands can win in the industry.